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The VERTO Project!

Where We Dream

Open Eyes   Where We Dream!!!   Where We Dream!!!   Where We Dream!!!   Inside - Where We Dream
Where Dino's Dream - 68 Million Years Ago

Where Dino's Dream     Where Dino's Dream     Where Dino's Dream    
Industrial Dreams & Snot. Couldn't decided on which one I liked best (I have 15), so here are four that I really liked.

Industrial Dreams     Industrial Dreams     Industrial Dreams     Industrial Sneeze    
Back To Sleep Playing God Out Of Gas Crystalline Rose
Snow Flake The Rabbit Hole Creation 10-80 Last Train Home
Time Slips Empty Pencils Family Fun 16 Lies Room 6
Inherit Disease Just Drive Little Pills Lights Out 88 Silent Keys
Must Be Dreaming Night Lights Contact Memory Fade Twos Enough
Your Turn Dear!! White Chocolate Drives Touch of Evil Rough Seas.. Reflex
Pirates Ride My Cell One Kiss Little Treasures Laydown
Letting Go Last Kiss Fragile Forever Birth
Finding Chaos Finding Chaos Finding Chaos 5 She Dies Key In Time
Early Ending ToTo - This Aint Kansas Desire.. aMUSEment Wash It Away
5 Grandmas House A Childs Mind Lost In Music The Wish Master
Implant The Sky Is Falling The Baby Sitter 2 Play Freedom
Digital Dreams Page 113 Rhythm to the Vision in my Head.. Knock 3 Times.. Silently Broken
Too and Through The Hollow Missing Me My Little Friends Time Returns Past Reflections


My Time Machine
My Palette My Kind Corner Stone Passing By... Swimming Deep
Something In Black In My Walls My Shadow Dream By Three The Fifth Floor
Going Down One by One Goodbyes Distraction Focus
Her Isolation Bound Wishes Another Lie My Innocent
The DOOR Home Dreaming In Color Rowdy They'll Hear You Till Death Do Us PART!!!
The Right Eye The Color of Nine Needle Dreams Nights Window Channel 9
Door 8pm Kitty Nurse TIA - Goddess Jessica - Goddess Muse X 2
TIA - Goddess Vision Thing The Day Off Tree Out
Flying Kitty Nurse Death 3 AM Self

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