Graphic Fantasy - Look I'm a BEEEEE

When Artists Drink... WHOOOOOOAAAA... kinda dizzy here people... I really hope someone finds humor in this piece, for I'm secure enough with my insanity to pull this one off, via making a fool of myself, via not really giving a flying monkey poo if you hate it. I had fun doing this, just to put a smile on a little girls face (MW) and that's all that matters to me!! Now would someone please tell me where I left my other 30 pack? "I thunk I have to make a moovie"! gfys

Oh I'm so pretty
and witty, but not gay

Look I'm a bumble bee
I have to pee
a wee wee

I hope it doesn't storm
Because I'll be dead and warm

When the "crystals" fall from the air
I really won't care
For it's called "snow"
nothing like a good blow

bury me, I can't rhyme
at this time
got a dime
a pet mime

moo moo moo, I think I need a choo choo choo?

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Graphic Fantasy - Digital Art by Wade Wood

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