Murder in Mind

What are the thoughts that precede action? ...the inner workings of a mind, secret and mysterious to anyone outside of its particular body but the composite whole of its owner? Specifically, what are the tiny steps that form the larger journey leading toward an act, especially one that is terrible, even gruesome? This piece is intended to tear a small hole in the fabric of what ultimately separates us all from one another - the barrier of our minds. To crawl inside another, to view the intimate details of a mind separate from our own would be true honesty. Nothing would or could remain hidden or limited in by the powers of description. Briefly escaping the confines of symbols and language, nothing colored by perception or interpretation. Free from our own minds, we would simply see if only for a moment a glimpse of the inner truth of another.

Murder in Mind is an exploration of a mind bent toward a person who becomes an idea that becomes an obsession. It likens the thought process to film and is but one frame of a larger motion picture - one tiny step in the journey toward the act. Here that act is shown as it is played out by the deviant mind: reel to reel on the big screen of the subconscious until it is so well worn in fantasy that the transformation into reality seems a natural one. Murder in mind shows the thoughts that precede action.

An act such as murder is incomprehensible to some, toyed with by others, but made a reality by only a very few. Why? What is it in the mind that allows the progression from a violent thought, to the twisted cinematic masterpiece of murder? The question is yours to ponder.

T. Stees

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