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Graphic Fantasy - Digital Art by Wade Wood

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COMMENTS: Rape: Amazing! Incredible! Phenomenal! And that does not even touch what I sensed when RAPED appeared on the screen. Pure synchronicity. A Nobel Peace Prize Winner, with the perception of being viewed through the eyes of raising global consciousness. RAPED can generate a quantum leap of consciousness. Reality is "Consciousness existing 'in the awareness' of what 20 Tones are". ESSENTIALLY! Far too long have "WORDS" been used to manipulate the unsuspecting general populace. How? Imagine the degree of which the brain is being drained continually of its ENERGY! Having to continually translate what has manipulatively been said with black print on white paper. Manifesting -Microscopic Polar Opposites! Macroscopic Earth Tilting on its axis! Constant VISUAL reinforcement within the brain's frame network. No wonder we have BI-Polar; Manic Depressives; Attention Deficit Disorder... And we call this progress. Just realize. A picture saying 1,000 words. 10 pictures = 10,000 words. Visualize the size of that book.

COMMENTS: Rape: this Is a most profound and emotional picture. very well done.

COMMENTS: Rape: My God! What a powerful piece of art! It is perfect and I say this from a woman's point of view. What more can a rape take from a woman than her own identity, the loosing of ones- self. The guilt that eats away at you long after the rape.

COMMENTS: Rape: An excellent piece of art that shows what rape does to the woman. It can take the flesh from your bones and leave you feeling empty and nothing. I also thought the incorporation of "Me and a Gun" was very well done.

COMMENTS: Rape: highly accurate visual depiction of the emotional and physical experience of rape... but the music is all wrong