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The face behind the ART “Good art is comfortable...great art blows your mind...”

The graphic arts have changed drastically over the past decades. What began as a relatively small service specialty has now exploded into a multi-billion dollar global industry. From the professional to the novice there are literally thousands upon thousands of people designing graphic art today. Many of them are extremely talented. Aesthetically speaking, however, it is impossible to definitively assign the terms “better and best” to all such work... the criteria are just too subjective. Subjectivity has presented a problem in art critique throughout all of art history. This in mind, and considering the vast array of talent and work out there right now, we still make the bold claim that we are something different, something special if you will. No matter the artist, her/his abilities and the work they render they will never be able to create what we do on this site. Likewise, we will never be able to do what they do either. It is, after all, personal expression that distinguishes us from one another. However, and according to our definition, we believe that great art provokes, offends, challenges and inspires. It is an interactive enterprise between artist and audience. We believe that it is this concept that truly separates us from them. You will not find a group of “pretty pictures” or banal images on this site. Each piece has motive. Each piece has come from within. We hope you enjoy the site and that we connect with you in some way and on any given level. We believe this is the only point of making art public.

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