The face behind the ART Thank you for visiting Graphic Fantasy.Com. I receive so many questions and requests for information about myself and my art that I have created this bio to answer any queries you may have or preempt any attack that may come my way...

I’ve been here five hundred fifty-five years and began working with computers in 1981 when I wrote my first video game on the “incredible” TI 99/4A. I began professionally designing graphics in 1994. As you know, 1994 was a turning point in technological progress. Before this date the World Wide Web was inaccessible and/or inexplicable to much of the general public. We were all learning together and most of us utilizing AOL - the “Internet on Training Wheels.” Soon enough, like the rest of the world, I was rapidly becoming aware that there was a much bigger, much broader world in terms of the usage and application of the Internet. The possibilities that existed beyond the realm of AOL were virtually endless. Like so many others, I began to expand my horizons outside of AOL with Graphic Fantasy.Com and other websites. I became more aggressive in my approach to Web marketing and began to seek my greater audience. Within a very short time I found them or, rather, they found ME. With the explosion in E-Commerce and the wider appeal and comprehensibility of the Net I began to experience a landslide in audience recognition and my design and digital art company began to really take off.

You can probably tell that my art is my release. My thoughts, dreams and demons are expressed through my medium and like any artist, I am often subject to misconception and misinterpretation. I have been accused of being “sick and wrong,” a categorization that really does not offend as much as it amuses me. Perhaps those who find my images repugnant have yet to deal with their own “inner terror”. In any case, like an accident, it is hard to look away from the disturbing and this in itself says something about all of us. I perceive life in full spectrum reality: the good and the bad, the terrible and the beautiful. Each receives equal attention in my work. Life is not tidy, why represent it that way? I show life for what it really is and present it on different levels of consciousness - in dream-states, states of “hyper-reality,” the states of mind that we all experience at one time or another when we set aside our polite, proper selves and just EXIST. If we acknowledge the contradictions that live inside us - love/hate, beauty/ugliness, then we begin to rise to a new level of understanding of both ourselves and the world around us. We begin to live and not to lie.

More notes... I'm always asked what I use to create my artworks, so I'll just list what I have and use, etc.. This all started on P166 MMX, 80 meg SDRAM and a 4 meg video card (which is now collecting dust in my garage) and has ended with some brand new toys this year. My new BABY, the twin AMD 64 X2 6000+ Liquid Cooled, 512 Meg Video and 2 Gig of DDR800 as well as my twin AMD 64 X2 3800+, 256 Meg Video and 1 Gig of DDR800 and my old design machine the AMD 64 3500, 256 Meg Video and 1 Gig of DDR800. My 6000 is the main design machine, the 3800 is a back up when I have my baby tied up, and the 3500 has been demoted to be my Flash and Movie making machine. But what the hell, I can click render on all three if I need to (or if my furnace dies and I need HEAT, LOL).. But if you really wish to laugh, I surf the web on a PIII 800 for I don't care if it crashes.. NOTE: My design machines NEVER go on the net.

Graphic Fantasy - Yep, I'm Jealous

Software used (no order): 3DS Max 6, Maya 6.0, Cinema 4D, Vue 5 Infinite, Carrara Studio 3.0, Bryce 5-6, Poser 6, Lightwave 6.5, Z-Brush 2.0, Picture Publisher 10, Photoshop CS, Corel Paint 12, Paint Shop Pro 7.0, Eye Candy, Animation Shop 3.0, Animagic GIF, Flash MX-8, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cakewalk Music Creator 2004 and lots of imagination! Other toys include my Wacom Tablet, the CanoScan D660U and my trusty old Olympus D-460 Zoom camera. All my art is designed on 21" flat screen CRT monitors, 32 bit true color at 1280 x 960.

I would personally like to thank: Eric, Keola, Jaki, Tia, Sheky, Bill, MiMi, Tiffeny, Kellie, Tara and Michelle K! Couldn't have done this without you!

For inspiration I would like to thank: Billy Howerdel, Maynard James Keenan, Jonathan Davis, Amy Lee, Adam Sandler, Joe Elliott, Dave Mustaine, Christopher Hall, David Draiman, Martin L Gore, Andrew Eldritch, Ozzy Osbourne, Britney Spears and ALL of the Back Street Boys.

Thank You!

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